Through the eyes of a cherokee

It all started when gold was first found by a small boy in the middle of our Cherokee territory. It was mid spring and everything was beautiful. But when the white people heard about this they came with weapons and violence. Everything wonderful about that time of year was ruined. We did not want to move away from our homeland. But the white man came and said we had to. They ripped us away from our homes and stole. Now look at us. I am on the verge of freezing to death. The clothes I wear do almost nothing to stop the cold from hitting my skin. I fear that i will soon fall to the ground in death like many of the others around me already have. But i have been strong for an old person. The sickness that has destroyed a great number of my fellow Cherokee, has not touched me. This makes me very sad, but also very grateful to not be affected by disease.

We have been traveling for many weeks now, all of my family has been sepparated from me. I have never been so alone in my life. The only thing that keeps me moving along this dreadfil path is my feirce hatred for the white man, and the small hope that i might be able to be with my family once more. They say that the new land we are traveling to is over 1,000 miles away. I have no idea how it is possible for me to survive a journey this far, in a winter like this.


how do i feel about the subject of cheese? it makes me happy. I love to think about all the types of cheeses and how they would taste! I love a majority of all cheeses because they just have a certain tang to them. I can’t explain it but I just really like cheese. I eat cheese on alot of things; like chili, hotdogs, salads, cheeseburgers, crackers, sandwhiches, on macaroni and on loads of different things.


what inspires me?

So many things inspire me. where to start? My favorite football team is the New York Giants. I watch almost every game they play in and i try to learn what the players do. one of my favorite players is Brandon Jacobs he is the team’s running back and hes really good. I’d like to play for the New york Giants one day.. so watching how good they are and how they perform inspires me.

There are so many things that inspire me, and im sure of it. So many things that I couldn’t begin to explain, but little things like when my friends say hello to me, or ask me to hang out with them inspire me to be a better person. My older sister inspires me because she was such a good student, and now she is in college. It makes me want to go to college too.

intention or action?

Do you define a person by their intentions or their actions? After reading the story from this blog, I have decided that I would judge a person by their actions. In that story it states that a newspaper publisher decided not to deliver the paper to a school because he thought that the picture on the cover was innapropriate. It was a picture of skin burns. He said, in an email, that he had intentions of calling the school to see their opinion, but he never called. So, the school never got their paper. I think that this was wrong of him, he should have left it up to the school to decide if it was appropriate for the children or not. It is not his place to judge what is inappropriate for a school or not. Even though his intentions were good, his actions were not.

letter to obama

Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations on winning the election, you were my pick from the start of the presidential race. I do think that you would make a very good president, but that is not why I am writing this letter to you.
The reason that I have chosen to give this letter to you is because you need to think about which problem your are going to attempt to fix first. I personally think that the economy problem is the most important of the many issues, because if we have a thriving economy, then we have a thriving country. You were picked in this election, mostly, because the people thought that you would lead us out of these economy troubles.
I have seen proof of the troubles that we are going though, not just because of what I have heard on the news, but because as I drive down the street I see houses that are not completely built Because the cost of wood is to high. It just makes me feel very bitter to see such things. I do not want our country to come to such things.
As I have told you the economy is the largest issue at hand. You must take on the task of finding a way to deal with it.
Thank you for hearing my thoughts

My speech

My fellow American citizens, i am proud to stand before you. And i thank all of you for electing me the next president of this wonderful nation.

I stand here today to say what we should do in this country. The war and the economy, I know are not at their greatest points. But we are also paying too much on foreign items such as oil. It is my opinion, that we should be finding our own solution to these problems by getting our own engergy from the US. The war is another big topic we must face. I will make a plan to evacuate our troops until Iraq can stand on its own. I know that we need to help our fellow countrys, but the problems that they have no longer should be ours to deal with. Right now, we need to wory about problems going on in the US. We need to make important things happen. We need to make desisions that will help our country grow.


myths about thanksgiving

We have this weedend off becuase it is thanksgiving. My family celebrates thanksgiving every year. Some of our traditions is to have famly over and things like that, but thanksgiving was originaly not about family. Another myth about thankgiving is that is about religion. This is not true because when it was first originated indians were invited. It was only a harvest festival.

Presidential canidates

I would vote for John McCain because i personally think that he is the better candidate. I believe this because if he is elected president he would want to keep the military in Iraq until there mission is complete over there. If they back out now then most of there efforts before would have been pointless. He also believes that all citizens should have the right to bear arms. This would not personly effect me, but I think that citizens should be able to use guns to hunt. If people that live in the country and other desolate places in the USA did not have guns then most of those people would not be able to get food for them selves. I know that if people were not able to have guns then there might be less violence, but people would still have guns illegally. McCain also believes that “the education system must be worthy of the promise we make to our children and ourselves”. He also believes that education is the future. I think that John McCain is the better candidate for president.